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Post-Graduate Planning

Many students find they are not ready to move straight onto their professional track, need more time to improve their credentials, or just realized they desire to enter a health profession. Below are some things to consider as you graduate from SU and State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF).

Plan B?

Do you have a Plan B?  C?  D?  We encourage students to figure out what their goal is; but to also have options in mind if they cannot obtain that goal immediately or do change their minds.  We can discuss with you what you might want to consider as you find yourself applying, waiting to apply or figuring out your career path. 

Gap Year(s)

About to graduate but haven't applied yet?  Graduating and not ready to apply this year?  Want to take some time off before you start your professional program?  Thinking about a postbac program?  Many students are apprehensive about choosing not to enter a professional program within the same year they complete their undergraduate degree.  We're here to empower you to consider your strengths and areas of improvement to make you the best candidate for admission—and if that means applying to a later cycle, taking time off to go abroad or earn another degree, we can coach you through your options.  No matter when you decide to apply, our services are always available to you, free of charge, as we take great pride in our alumni!  


So you did apply to your professional program but the outcome was not what you had hoped for; you weren't accepted.  If you find yourself in the position to consider reapplying, come talk to us about what you can do to improve your credentials and application for the next time around.  Please don't just submit the same application.  We're here to guide you as you create a new action plan to obtain your goals.  Maybe you needed more clinical exposure?  Maybe you need to rethink your schools list?  Maybe your application had too many errors.  We can help you with all that and more! 

Alternate Paths

Have you decided that you don't really want the lifestyle of a physician or you don't have the desire to pursue dentistry?  What do you do now?  There are so many options within the health care profession that you might want to explore some alternatives to the mainstream professions.

We are available to speak with alumni via email and telephone, once you leave campus. Do not let your distance deter you from utilizing our services. We also keep your folder, letters and information for seven years after you graduate. We are always here for you!