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Integrated Learning Majors

Professionals in technically demanding fields are commonly asked to apply their expertise to other seemingly unrelated disciplines. As a result, they must have a comprehensive understanding of not only their own field, but also secondary knowledge of another broadly based, often interdisciplinary, field of study. Examples: Chemists might lend expertise to legal or ethical matters, curators might draw on science and history to establish an artifact's authenticity, and journalists are frequently called upon to write stories about a broad range of subjects.

Integrated Learning Majors in The College of Arts and Sciences complement traditional majors with coursework in an applied or multidisciplinary field. ILMs equip students with valuable tools and knowledge that will their enhance their careers or prepare them for continued study in graduate and post-baccalaureate professional programs.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the following Integrated Learning Majors:




B.A., B.S.

Management, television/radio/film, graphic design, photography, poilitical science, international relations, biology, biophysical science, public health, anthropology, psychology, sociology, or any major offered by the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science

Forensic Science

B.A., B.S.

Anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, biophysical science, psychology, or sociology


B.A., B.S.

Biology, biophysical science, communication sciences and disorders, linguistics, philosophy, physics, psychology, as well as majors in engineering and computer science

Energy and its Impacts

Biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, economics, Earth science, geography, international relations, physics, public affairs, engineering, management