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Centers and Institutes



Community Folk Art Center

Department of African American Studies

A vibrant cultural and artistic hub committed to the promotion and development of artists of the African Diaspora.

Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute

Interdisciplinary center

Research, education, and outreach to apply scientific research and theory to real-world legal and security issues.

Syracuse University Humanities Center

Interdisciplinary center

The center fosters public engagement in the humanities and facilitates interdisciplinary scholarship in and across various fields of inquiry.

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute

Interdisciplinary center

The institute focuses on research in biomaterials, smart medical devices, and biological/tissue-engineered constructs.

La Casita Cultural Center Interdisciplinary center The project seeks to establish a physical gathering place on Syracuse’s Near West Side to foster multimodal, multigenerational campus-community conversations and to serve as an intellectual and artistic bridge linking various communities, including Latino populations across and beyond Syracuse.
Institute for Sensory Research

Interdisciplinary center

The center is dedicated to the discovery and application of knowledge of the sensory systems.

Center for European Studies

Interdisciplinary center

A U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center, which  advances a new University-wide vision of Europe that reflects new realities and complexities on the continent.

South Asia Center

Interdisciplinary center

A U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center, which collaborates with Cornell University to form a consortium with a focus on research and scholarship of the countries in the South Asia region.

Other Centers and Institutes at Syracuse University